Sports Illustrated Honors Kobe Bryant with 100-Page Special Tribute Edition

Sports Illustrated kobe

Sports Illustrated will release a 100-page special tribute issue in honor of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, a week after his tragic death from a helicopter crash.


The print issue is expected to be available on February 7, but was made available to order online days ago and immediately sold out.

For 20 years, the basketball superstar spent his NBA career with the Los Angeles Lakers, where he won five championship titles. Bryant holds the record for the second-highest-scoring game in NBA history, with 81 points.

After his retirement in NBA, he went on to pursue his other interests, including film and business.

Bryant, who was 41-years old, died in the accident with his 13-year old daughter, Gianna, and 7 other people on January 26. Bryant left behind his wife, Vanessa Bryant, and 3 daughters.

Several tributes to the legendary icon have been made by fans, teams, and cities throughout the world, including a makeshift memorial outside the Staples Center, a mural of him and Gianna on a basketball court in the Philippines, and during the Super Bowl as well.


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