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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Star, Zendaya Comments About Drinking And The World Goes Berserk

Based on personal experiences, many will agree that finding a celebrity who doesn’t drink is next to impossible. But Zendeya is proving all of you wrong.

Although Zendaya may have just hit 21, that doesn’t imply she wants to shower in her big birthday with alcohols.

The ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ star recently chose not to have any cocktail beverages on her birthday, stating in her post that her life “is so stressful that she doesn’t need the assistance of liquor to relax.”

“Today I turn 21! But just because I’ve attained the legal drinking age, does not mean I’m going to begin throwing them back. I really don’t plan to begin drinking,” Zendeya wrote.


“My life’s too stressful to help to relax under the influence of cocktails. This industry is so important for me that I want to be in control of myself and decisions. Therefore, I just don’t intend to introduce drinking!”

She concluded her remarks with; “Why try something if you really don’t need it?!”

Rather than throwing back some drinks and winning, the activist and actress focused her annual birthday on providing relief to individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey.


She wrote: “With the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, I understood what this year’s birthday plan had to be. I called my buddies at @convoyofhope to assist. Here is how you can participate too. Remember, no contribution is too small, nor super easy to help. Just text or go online [NOW] to donate! ” she shared on Instagram.

Charitable causes and drinking aside, one of her buddies shared a supportive Instagram post in honor of Zendeya’s 21st birthday. A guy by name Costar Tom Holland—whom Zendaya denied to have been dating in her latest cover story—shared a photograph of the pair. Down the pic, Holland captioned; “Thinking about how to be taller. Happy birthday, mate! Miss you! But I’ll have one drink for you. #21st_birthday.”

In the recent episode of her continuing video series about relationship advice, she explained why being in a “committed relationship can at times be hard for young people.”

“I’m very much against being in a committed love relationship when you’re still young because young people make bad decisions sometimes since they don’t know much,” the actress said.

“It does not mean [they] don’t know how to differentiate between right and wrong. It just implies that they’re still in an experimental phase of their life; where they haven’t yet made the right decisions.”


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