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Spanish Foreign Minister, Josep Borrell Says “Europe Needs Africans”

Spain’s Socialist Minister Denies Massive Migration to Spain and Says “Europe Needs New Blood and Africans to Get Out of the Recession”

Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell  denies that the 21,000 migrants arriving in Spain this year are part of the mass migration:  “We will trivialize the word ‘mass’ ,” he told reporters,  ” We are talking about 20,000 (migrants) so far this year for a country of more than 40 million people, it is not a mass migration “

Spain has become the main entry point for migrants, surpassing Italy and Greece this year, because of their new socialist government calling for a relaxation of border policy.


Italy has taken a very strong position on migration, drastically reducing the number of immigrants this year by more than 80% according to the International Organization for Migration.

“Europe’s changing demographics show that if we do not want to gradually turn into an aging continent, we need new blood, and it does not seem that this new blood comes from our capacity to procreate,” he said. Borrell, arguing that Europe needed higher levels of migration because of declining birth rates.

The denial of the truth by Spain will only increase the problem of mass migrations in Europe, although they will probably have more blood … on their hands.


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