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Spain: Footballer Andrés Iniesta Shares a Photo With People “in Blackface”; Internet Users Angry….

Spanish international Andrés Iniesta has been widely criticized for publishing a photo with people wearing black makeup.

The former Barcelona man, 34, shared the photo on his Twitter account Sunday night to mark the celebration of the Feast of the Three Kings in Spain, also called Epiphany.

The picture shows Andrés Iniesta with members of his family. Although all are disguised, others appear in blackface.

Blackface is historically considered a racist practice, used to make fun of black slaves. And for many Internet users, such an attitude on the part of Iniesta is unacceptable.

“I can not believe that in 2019, famous people are still doing it or accept that there are people around them who are” blackface “and tweet …”, wrote a user.

“I like Iniesta like other public figures, not to mention the athletes. He looks like an extremely humble man. I just wonder how you can share the photo of a cloakroom and so many trophies with Eric Abidal and Dani Alves and not realize that this picture is not cool. It’s very disappointing, “commented another.

“Until he apologizes * and * changes this crappy behavior of racism, Andrés Iniesta will no longer be considered.”

André Iniesta has reacted by press release to critics who shake his social networks since the publication of the photo on Twitter:

“The family of Andrés Iniesta received the visit of the Three Wise Men at her home and decided to photograph herself to share this image with fans on the player’s social networks. With this post, Andrés Iniesta wanted to show the world of childish illusion on this magical and special day, “according to a statement from the former Barcelona published on Tuesday.

“The presence of magi is part of the culture of our country, anchored for many years, with which we want to celebrate the most magical day of the year for our children. It is a tradition that the Iniesta Ortiz family honors every year, “says the text, relayed by Mundo Deportivo.

“At no time did Andrés Iniesta want to disturb anyone with this picture, which is the image of illusion in Spain and apologizes to those who might have felt offended,” concludes the statement. Iniesta. The former Barcelona (2002-2018) will certainly be more wary in the future.

Iniesta shares a photo with people "in Blackface", the canvas angry!

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