Southern Business School Namibia ‘Offers’ One Year Scholarships

Southern Business School Namibia, is launching a competition for someone to win a scholarship for a one year Higher Certificate in Management.

As a tertiary distance education institution, SBS Namibia knows how important access to education is. Often family commitments, time and especially financial constraints are roadblocks to pursuing the degree or certificate that you want and need to expedite that pay raise or promotion. With this competition, it can be made easy. Study in your own time, at your own pace and in your own surroundings.


To stand a chance to win the scholarship simply do the following three things:

  • Write a 250 word essay explaining why you deserve to be the recipient of the scholarship
  • Visit our Facebook site for further instructions
  • Cross your fingers and hope your essay is selected

The scholarship is for registration and tuition fees only.

Albin Jacobs, Director of SBS Namibia said; “SBS Namibia is about stimulating education and developing peoples’ skills. We know that finances are often a constraining factor and we thought it was a good idea to offer a scholarship in of our most popular study courses namely, Management. It will hopefully motivate and inspire Namibians to continue to develop and improve themselves intellectually.”

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