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South Sudan Rivals Officially Sign Final Power-sharing Deal

The government and rebels of South Sudan signed a power-sharing agreement in Khartoum on Sunday to end a deadly civil war ravaging the world’s youngest country.

Under the agreement, Riek Machar will join a government of national unity and become first vice president.

President Salva Kiir’s team will take 20 positions in the new 35-member government, 9 positions will go to Machar’s group and the rest will go to other small opposition groups. The Parliament will have 550 members, 332 from Kiir’s group and 128 from Machar’s group.


Mr. Kiir and Mr. Machar have already agreed to a permanent ceasefire and to withdraw their troops from urban areas. Both sides signed a “preliminary” power-sharing agreement on 25 July, and to complete this process, negotiations will continue until a final peace agreement is signed.

Once a final peace agreement is signed, the belligerents will have three months to form a transitional government, which will be in power in the country for a period of 36 months.


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