South Sudan Peace Keeping Force to be Powered to Disarm Government and Opposition Forces

In a rare occasion, the Inter-government authority on development has decided to play hardball with its bad boys in war-torn south Sudan. In a strongly worded communique issued after an extraordinary summit held in Addis ababa,

IGAD arm-twisted the government of south Sudan to allow a regional third party force to occupy the countries capital Juba and keep other forces outside the capital. According to the communique, the regional force that will be deployed in the south Sudan capital Juba, will have powers to disarm government and opposition forces who are

”targeting civilians, peacekeepers and their premises/assets, humanitarian actors and any such identified armed groups that threaten peace”

The force will also be in charge of the security at Juba International Airport jointly with South Sudan authorities and will also control of the influx of IDPs into Juba to minimize incidences of confrontation amongst the ethnic groups.


In the same meeting, the newly appointed first Vice President of south Sudan General Taban Deng Gai who had replaced rebel leader Riek Machar indicated his willingness to step down for him, if he returns to Juba. This means there will be no problems enforcing the resolutions of IGAD.

IGAD also requested the African Union commission  to look into ways of prosecuting those involved in committing large-scale atrocities against the people of south Sudan. Asking the commission to ”look into the best mechanisms for timely and effective action to address

Asking the commission to ”look into the best mechanisms for timely and effective action to address large-scale mass atrocities in line with the relevant provisions of the Constitutive Act of the African Union, the Protocol Establishing the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, and Chapter VIII of the UN Charter;

The region will be looking on, anxiously hoping that guns can go silents in south Sudan and this time, it will be for good,


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