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South Sudan: Council Releases Funds For The Construction Of Air Management System

South Sudan’s Council of Ministers has approved over 200 million dollars to be released for the construction of the Air Management System (AMS) at the Juba International Airport to allow it to retake the control of South Sudan’s airspace.

South Sudan’s airspace is currently managed by Sudan after endorsement by the Council of Minister last year.

“So it is decided that the company called China Harva, which is now the engineering company to take over the construction of our Air Management System so that we are capable of managing our own,” Michael Makuei, the Minister of Information told the media on Friday.


The airspace management will allow authorities in the country to regulate and manage air traffic, electronic information, and security at the airport.

“The cost is estimated to be about 211, 580,583 dollars. This is in addition to something that was left out and that is the tower of the airport. So the tower if added then it may go beyond that,” added the Minister

The Minister further added that the cost of the construction paid through revenues generated by the aviation industry.

A modernized Airport Management System will include an Air Traffic Control Administrator, Over Flight Billing, Real Time Apron Management, Airport Flight Information Display, Gate Allocation, Automated Warehouse, Security and Meteorological Systems.


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