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South Africa’s Julius Malema Roasts African Governments Sympathetic to Israel

South African Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has slammed African governments which attended the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem on Monday.

The ceremony was endorsed by more than two-dozen African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Angola, and Zambia.

Malema accused some African states of undermining the Palestinian liberation struggle.

“We are very disappointed at African countries which had celebrated the declaration of Jerusalem as the official capital city of Israel by the USA. That is the highest form of betrayal because us as Africans should know that colonialism and imperialism have no place in humanity. It’s a violation of human rights to go and occupy the land of Palestinians. We don’t support that.”

“We call on South Africa to expel the Israeli mission to our country as an example to the whole world that a relationship to Israel is complicity with its racist aggression on Palestinians.


“Palestinians live in permanent racist and military occupation despite many resolutions of the United Nations against Israel’s occupation. The Israeli government has refused the right of Palestinians to self-determination for far too long. It has imposed a military occupation on their land for over half a century.” The EFF said.

Meanwhile the EFF has welcomed South Africa’s decision to recall its Ambassador to the Jewish state in the wake of Israeli live fire and killing of almost 60 unarmed civilians including women and children on the defacto border with the Gaza strip.

More than 2000 people were injured.

“The South African democratic government, being a key beneficiary of international boycotts on apartheid, must take the lead. The expulsion of the Israeli mission must form part of the first move towards an international isolation of Israel by the whole world. The boycotts and isolation of Israel by the world is the most efficient, and yet, peaceful way of forcing the apartheid Israeli government to respect human rights of Palestinians.

“South Africa must expel Israel’s ambassadors with immediate effect until Israel ends its illegal occupation of Palestine.” A statement from the EFF read.


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