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South African Women Reveal Why They Choose to Stay off Intercourse Despite Pressures from Peers

A group of South African virgins from a small town in the country have opened up on why they still keep their virginity, despite mounting pressures from peers.

According to them, they are keeping themselves pure and waiting for the right men to marry them.


But people tell them to have se.x or else the “salt” will fill up their heads.

But these virgins from Ekurhuleni have one answer for their critics:

“Sorry, we are not in a hurry and we don’t have salt!”

Snegugu Radebe (22) from Daveyton said staying pure was a personal choice.

“I choose to remain a vir.gin because I want God to bless me with a man who will value me. We are often told we don’t know what we are missing out on and that we are instead accumulating salt,” said Snegugu.

“I advise girls not to rush into having se.x. They must respect themselves. This will keep them safe from STIs.”

On Sunday, the virg.ins joined Skhulile Msane from Welgedacht, Springs as she celebrated her 21st birthday. Skhulile said she wanted to focus on her education and didn’t want to be distracted by boys.

Their godmother, Dumazile Maphanga, said the girls were checked every month to make sure they were still virgins.

“If they break their virginity, they leave the group.

“We teach them to be vigilant and not give into peer pressure,” she said.


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