South African President, Jacob Zuma to get new R4 billion presidential jet

President Jacob Zuma will get a brand new presidential jet at a cost of a whopping R4 billion, according to a report on Sunday.

The City Press reported that Armscor, the defence force’s acquisitions agency, is in advanced plans to buy Zuma the jet, which will have a private bedroom suite, a bathroom and a conference room for eight people on board.

The aircraft must be able to carry at least 30 passengers and, according to the published request on the Armscor website’s tender noticeboard, the jet will have a range of 13 800km.

Meanwhile, EWN reported Zuma’s current jet, Inkwazi, is not able to carry more than 15 people.

There has been an outcry over the outsourcing of planes with questions over why the military is not supplying aircrafts.

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