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South African Pastor Who Went To Heaven And Took Photos Says Jesus Has A Young And Hot Wife


Now that sounds more like a Jesus I’ll worship!

For some reason Christians are very particular about making Jesus out as the holiest of holies, perhaps because they think s*x is some dirty thing which pollutes, even though they enjoy it just as much as everyone else.

So stories about Jesus having banged Mary Magdalene and the like, as some as claimed, makes them very uncomfortable.

This time, it is one of your own saying it oo. LOL.

A South African Pastor who’s basically a joke now, Paseka Motsoeneng, aka ‘Prophet Mboro’, head of the Incredible Happenings Church in South Africa, recently made headlines when he claimed he went to heaven and took photos on his Samsung Galaxy smartphone as proof.


All members had to do was pay some money to be showed the photos.

Anyway, whilst telling them about the claim that he was abducted by angels during Easter and taken to heaven, Prophet Mboro added that he met Jesus, who had a young, hot, Xhosa (a South African tribe) wife.

“I saw heaven and it is a surprise. Jesus for example, has a beautiful Xhosa wife. She is young, hot, and extremely attractive,” All Africa quotes him as saying.

This guy apparently made the earlier claim, plus this one, with a straight face, and his congregation presumably bought what he said.

I hope we realise that giving these people the sense that they are beyond reproach is what makes them feel like insulting our almost non-existent intelligence over and over again here in Africa.

They know we don’t question when it comes to God, so any stupid scheme they make up in their minds, they feel comfortable selling to us.

Think about that the next time you feel like typing ‘touch not my annointed’ when a preacher is criticised, whether they are Obinim or Mboro or Mensa Otabil.


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