South African Olympic Gold Medallist To Open A Swimming Academy in 2017

Olympic gold medalist and South Africa’s swimmer Chad Le Clos is set to open a swimming academy in early 2017 in Cape Town, reports Swim Swam.

The swimming pool will serve as a post swimming career for the double silver medalist in 2016 Olympics.

“I want to create a legacy for myself for the future and the CLC, Chad le Clos academy will be up and running next year.” Said Le Clos

The 24 year old athlete separated from his coach Graham Hill who has been with him for over 14 years.

“That is my biggest goal for the next four years to try and set myself up to ensure that I don’t just stop, and ask what is next.” Said Le Clos

Le Clos’ posted on his personal Twitter account, that he will be training at the Jan Van Riebeeck High School a public secondary school with over 500 students in Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape.


Olympic gold medalist and South African swimming super-star Cameron van der Burgh also announced recently that he is relocating to Cape Town, South Africa, from Pretoria, where he has been based for the past decade, it’s unclear if he, too, will be training at Jan Van Riebeeck School, according to swim swam.


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