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South African Named Top Maths Student In The World

A 17-year-old from Somerset College in the Western Cape has achieved what is being regarded as the highest maths mark in the world.

His teachers, recognising his incredible mathematic abilities, introduced him to the Cambridge AS Examinations in 2015. Trinchero achieved the highest possible marks– 100 percent for all five exams! However, not only did his impossibly high scores secure him the honour, but the quality of his answers.

It’s said that the Cambridge tests comprise of the most difficult mathematics problems ever devised – tests that are taken by theorists and engineers hoping to get into the highly competitive air/space science industry to work in the fields of astro- and quantum physics.



“I’ve always been passionate about maths and have had passionate teachers. All of that is the catalyst for success. I’ve always done well because I’ve been surrounded by people (who) encouraged me,” Trinchero said, and now he hopes to study theoretical physics and computer science at a South African university when he finishes school.

“We are extremely proud of Dario and his teachers on this incredible achievement,” said Meg Fargher, the executive head of Somerset College.

Source: The South African


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