South African Comedian Trevor Noah Pulls Out at the Last Minute From Hosting the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) 2016

South African comedian Trevor Noah has pulled out at the last minute from hosting the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) 2016, due to “a severe upper respiratory and ear infection”.

The MAMAs will take place on Saturday, 22 October at the Ticketpro Dome.

The Daily Show host made the surprising announcement via an official statement posted on his Facebook account.

In the statement Trevor gives the details of his illness as well as why he cannot fly and how much his withdrawal from his hosting duties saddens him.

He wrote: “To all my fans and everyone who makes what I do possible. I’ve been fighting a severe upper respiratory and ear infection this week and despite tons of medication the infection has gotten the better of me.

“Due to the infection and strain on my vocal chords the doctor has ordered me to rest my voice and recover my health. I desperately wish I could dismiss the doctor but the added risk of flying means that decision would be highly irresponsible and may cause further damage. I love the Mama’s and more importantly I love performing in my country. Myself and MTV Africa have been trying to make the Mamas a reality for a few years and I was so excited because this was finally the year where the pieces fell into place and the date was one I could do.

“I push myself as hard as I can all the time because I appreciate every opportunity I am afforded in life. Unfortunately there comes a day like today when it all catches up and my body cannot do what my mind wishes I could.

“I’m so sorry if I’ve disappointed you but please know that I love performing more than anything in life and so having to cancel any show, breaks my heart. Sorry isn’t enough of a word to convey how I feel and again to all my fans I will do my utmost to make it up to you.”

Trevor also tweeted the statement:

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