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Southern African ‘Botswana’ Gains Royal Recognition As Prince Harry Proposed To Meghan In Country

The southern African country of Botswana is gaining traction over the recently announced British Royal marriage.

It turns out that it was in Botswana that Prince Harry proposed to his girlfriend Meghan Markle after he invited her to spend five days in the country.

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I managed to persuade her to come and join me in Botswana and we camped out with each other under the stars … we were really by ourselves which was crucial to get to know each other.


The U.K.reports stated that the particular facility the two stayed at is a luxurious place known as the Meno A Kwena.

One travel agency described Meno A Kwena as having “one of the world’s most extraordinary location with some of Botswana’s most colorful characters.”

According to Luxury Safari Company, the style of the place was “Quirky unique homely camp, which welcomes you immediately and offers some of the most unique experiences in Botswana.”

Persons who patronize the place have a range of natural tourists sites to relate with, from the Boteti River with the elephants walking its shores.

The camp also offers walking, game drives, “meerkats, scenic flights over the salt pans, star gazing with a portable telescope, mobile camping and conservation safaris.”


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  1. Dear MA,

    Thank you for your article. However the heading “South African ‘Botswana’ Gains Royal Recognition As Prince Harry Proposed To Meghan In Country” is misleading as Botswana is not part of South Africa. It lies in southern Africa, but is a separate country. Thank you for correcting the headline.

    Best regards.

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