South Africa To Deport African Migrants

South Africa xenophobia: Jobs fears drive anti-migrant sentiment — Quartz  Africa

South Africa’s department of home affairs has said that they have started the process of deporting 20 migrants, mostly from African countries, who were part of a months-long protest against xenophobia.

The protests began in October 2019 in Cape Town with a sit-in outside the offices of the United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees.


They were demanding to be relocated to a third country outside South Africa and didn’t want to return to their countries of origin.

They said they were experiencing poor treatment and discrimination and no longer felt safe in South Africa after a surge of xenophobic attacks in the country’s townships.

South Africa’s home affairs department has said the deportation of 20 migrants followed due process and was confirmed by the court earlier this week.

More migrants are expected to be deported.


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