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South Africa: This Is The Manenberg School; Infamous For Its High Crime But Delivers Top-class Results!!

Manenberg school, located in Cape Town, South Africa. The school is infamous for its high crime rate, but currently now being associated with academic excellence, writes the BBC’s Mo Allie.

Looking from the outside at The Leadership College (TLC) with its essential structure and its small classrooms, encompassed by sandy waste ground, it is difficult to envision this is the same school that has managed consistently to deliver top-class results since its inception seven years ago

Yet last year the school achieved a 92% pass rate in South Africa’s national school-leaving examinations – far higher than the national average.

That performance is in stark contrast with a finding of the report by the Johannesburg-based Centre for Development and Enterprise (CDE), which suggests large proportions of South Africa’s graduating students are “functionally illiterate and innumerate”.

The report found that South Africa – one of the continent’s richest countries – was performing worse than many far poorer African nations in terms of educating its children.

How does TLC compare?

Children in a classroom in South AfricaImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES
  • TLC’s school-leaving exam pass rate: 92% in 2016
  • National average: 72.5%
  • Average pass rate in Manenberg: 71%

Cat Stevens

But what makes TLC’s achievements even more remarkable is that it is located in Manenberg, a run-down area just 15 minutes from Cape Town’s international airport, often in the news for the crime, gang violence and drug dealing that stalks its streets.

“The community itself and the township keep you down if you get into its lifestyle,” says former head girl Thania Abrahams, who achieved five distinctions in last year’s Matric exams.


“For me to rise above that, I had to focus on my goals.”

Thania’s results were good enough to get her enrolled for a degree in medicine at Stellenbosch University, one of the best tertiary institutions in South Africa.

She wasn’t the only TLC student to win a place at Stellenbosch: Imraan Ismail got six distinctions and a place to study chartered accounting.

Of the 71 distinctions produced in Manenberg last year, all but three came from TLC.

Children in a classroom in South AfricaImage copyrightAFP
Image captionMany South African schools leave their students “functionally illiterate”

TLC is a private school, run by the 2 Oceans Education Foundation, which counts Yusuf Islam, the singer previously known as Cat Stevens, among its patrons.

Thanks to its government and charitable funding, the area’s academically gifted students can attend for free – even down to school excursions.

Many of TLC’s learners come from tough backgrounds, broken homes together with a variety of socio-economic problems that plague the townships in which they live.

In 2015, no child accepted to TLC came from a household which earned more than 8,000 rand ($640; £510) a month.

About 90% of the students are Muslim but the founders stress it is open to all races and denominations.

Witnessing murders

But TLC does not just offer the opportunity to excel in the classroom.

The school serves as an oasis of tranquillity as it provides a safe space for the pupils who have free access there to psychologists and occupational therapists – something these children would never otherwise have access to.

The health professionals play a key role in helping the learners overcome their often traumatic circumstances which include witnessing murders, armed robberies, abusive relationships or simply a lack of affection at home.


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