South Africa Pledges More Support For Nigeria On Agriculture

Consul General, South African Consulate, Darkey Africa, has pledged his government’s support for Nigeria in the area of agriculture development.

He made this pledge while speaking at a summit organized by the Lagos Chambers of Commerce in Lagos, stressing that South Africa have been involved in agriculture for many years and have accumulated various experiences in the industry which they are willing to share with Nigeria to move the country’s agricultural sector forward.

“South Africa in particular are looking at modernizing agriculture and we have a whole range of programmes in industrialization and we see that the entire value chain is for us to produce, but key to that is to ensure that these products are able to reach the market.

“Infrastructure is very critical and therefore what we need is when we collaborate in many areas, we are looking at agriculture of research and trainings, we are looking at market access issues which we are prepared to share with investors here in Nigeria and we will be able to share experiences and challenges on how we can better improve the mobility of agricultural products to the market and how it can be able to improve issues relating to energy because if we have to store some of these products we need reliable energy.


“We want to improve the relation between the two countries and we are prepared to contribute due to the experiences we have,” Africa said.

Speaking on post harvest losses, Africa said it happens everywhere that what is needed is a secured platform for agricultural produce.

“Some of these losses, you need the entire value chain. We must look at the whole value chain to ensure that we don’t have huge losses but if we can share how we manage the value chain, the production, and the likes, and also how we manage that, I am sure that Nigeria, particularly the farmers, will be able to learn from our own mistakes and experiences,” he said.

“That is why we are saying agriculture is practical, it is not theoretical but you may read a lot of books about it, but you must work on it and therefore those that have worked on it in South African can come here and say we have worked on this, and this is how we have been able to solve this problem when it arises,” he added.

He also said that there are areas which the two countries have agreed to collaborate and that one of them is research and trainings.


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