South Africa: Moms Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of Breastfeeding In Public Says, Linda Mtoba

Linda Mtoba is not phased by those who have a problem with her breastfeeding in public.
Image: Via Linda Mtoba Instagram

Actress and new mom Linda Mtoba is not here for those who have an issue with her breastfeeding in public, telling her followers that moms should not be ashamed.

Linda gave birth late last year and has been breastfeeding her daughter since.

But even in 2020 people still shoot awkward and uncomfortable glances at moms who publicly breastfeed.

Linda has never been scared to speak out against haters and took to social media recently to share a picture of her breastfeeding at a restaurant. In the caption she said: “I really don’t give much thought to feeding my daughter in public, she needs to eat, so I feed her.


“I thought maybe I’d be anxious about it, but speaking to other mommies truly gave me the confidence I needed to do it,” she said.

“Mommies, it’s OK to breastfeed our babies in public and not feel any shame for it.”

Linda has been candid about her journey as a new mom and last month opened up about the challenges of loving her post-preggers body.

“They don’t tell us how challenging dressing for your new body is. I look at myself in the mirror, trying to recognise my body and what it used to be, it’s gone through so many changes.

“Between those moments, I have somewhere I cry, because I don’t see myself, and all I see is the amount of work I have to put in to get ‘me’ back. I see stretch marks I never had, cellulite in new parts of me, how soft my body is and not as tight as it was, I see flaws. I don’t feel as sexy or as beautiful as I used to feel.”

She said her husband has been a rock of support and comforts her when she is feeling low.


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