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South Africa: Man ‘Resurrected’ by Pastor Alph Lukau Also Experienced Previous ‘Miracle’

According to a friend of the man that was allegedly resurrected by self-proclaimed prophet Alph Lukau, that wasn’t the first time he was part of a healing miracle. He was apparently also paid to act like he was able to walk after being confined to a wheelchair.

The Alleluia Ministries’ lawyer is denying the allegations that the man that pastor Alpha Lakau allegedly resurrected had previously also been part of a miracle.

Friends and colleagues of the man, identified as Brighton Moyo, stated that he admitted he had been paid in the past to pretend to start walking again after being confined to a wheelchair.

We learned that a colleague claimed that Brighton told him that he was hit with a stick to prove he doesn’t have feeling in his legs. He then waited until a prayer was said and stood up from the wheelchair – he was ‘healed’.

According to the colleague, Brighton did it to support his family.

Brighton told us that he did this for extra money to be able to support his two children and wife. For the wheelchair act, he did mention he was paid R1,500.


Another colleague claimed that Brighton contacted him and said that he was fine and being kept at a secret place to prevent the media from finding him.

However, since this call, the phone has been off and no further contact was made.

Sean Sim, the church’s lawyer, denied any truth to the allegations and added that the pastor has no idea where Brighton is.

We record that these allegations are in fact malicious, blatantly false and untrue. For the avoidance of any doubt, our clients strongly object to and deny as being false and malicious any statement that is made that seeks to implicate our clients in being involved in staging miracles.

Here’s a video of the alleged resurrection, in case you missed it:


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