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South Africa’ Jacob Zuma: “Even if I’m poisoned, I will not go anywhere”

ANC President Jacob Zuma said he would not listen to critics with their “big mouths” asking him to resign.

He addressed the people of Lwandle in Strand, Cape Town, when he raised the issue of his resignation.

“Where shall I go?” I will be with you until my mandate ends. Even when my term ends, I will remain a member of the ANC. Even if you poison me, I will not go anywhere, “he said.

In a mocking laugh he continued his speech by revealing how the opposition had tried in vain to get rid of him by motions of censorship and dismissal.


He pointed out that several people had even begged him to resign. “No one could find anything tangible or bad that I had done”

Zuma then described the Democratic Alliance (DA) as “wizards,” claiming he did not understand how he had gained control of the Western Cape. “But then you can not explain how sorcerers do their business,” he said in an accusing tone.

President Zuma, who is accused of several scandals, seems more confident than ever, and nothing and no one can stop him.


Written by How Africa

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