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‘Somewhere In Africa’: This woman found a live python in her kitchen

Lagos- Wednesday night was quite an unusual one for people living at Baile street Alpha Beach. It was not strange to see snakes in environs with bushes, but this was far more than usual.


The woman, Sarah, told Constative news that her sister went into the kitchen only to discover an unusual movement, when she looked intently, it was a snake, not just a snake but a mighty creature- a python.

She quickly alerted her husband who got to the kitchen to find out that it was beyond what he can handle alone. So he called out for help, and members of the neighborhood jointly brought the monster down.

Sarah said “It was a Miracle that nobody was hurt, I was coming from my christian to see a lot of people in our yard, and then the snake.” She admitted the possibility of snakes lurking around, looking for rats. “But not this weight of a snake” she added. It is capable of devouring a child.


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