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“Sometimes I exaggerate”: The Surprising Confession of Neymar on His Antics (Video)

The Brazilian superstar, widely criticized for his roulades at the World Cup has admitted that his actions are often exaggerated.

In a video for Gilette, one of his sponsors, the Parisian responded to fans’ criticism. Neymar wants to improve his image.

“You may think I’m exaggerating, and sometimes it’s true that I’m exaggerating, but the truth is that I suffer on the ground. “


“When I’m rude, it’s not because I’m a spoiled child. It’s because I did not learn to be frustrated. In me, there is still a child. Sometimes this child enchants the world, and sometimes it irritates the whole world. I’m fighting to keep this child alive inside me, but not on the ground, “says the 26-year-old in the ad.

He is committed to becoming a better man and hopes to count on his fans.

“It took me a while to accept the criticism, it took me time to look in the mirror and transform myself into a new man, but today I am here. I fall, but only the one who falls can get up. You can keep throwing stones at me or you can help me up. Because when I get up, all Brazil gets up with me. “

Neymar was in the center of attention in Brazil’s 4 games and according to Swiss TV RTS, the player spent nearly 14 minutes on the ground at the World Cup.


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