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Some Call It Crazy, He Calls It Amazing, Chelsean David Luiz Spent £1 Million On This Alone!

Celsean Dvid Luiz

David Luiz knew just the right way to celebrate that win.

Chelsea are the Premier League champions

After a long season, Chelsea finally crossed the finished line courtesy of a 1 – 0 win over West Bromwich Albion and they celebrated in style. Chelsea Football Club announced that there will be prize money given to all the participants but that didn’t stop David Luiz from doing the insane.

£38,000 bracelet

David Luiz apparently bought £38,000 bracelets to all the members of the squad, totalling his expenditure over £1 million. The bracelet is made by the company Senturion and they only make these on orders.


Senturion specialize in luxury wrist-wear, enabling you to wear your supercar on your wrist. Whenever the bearer of the bracelet is in the proximity of the car, it automatically unlocks.
Each bracelet takes 70 hours to be made, includes exotic materials like carbon fiber, ostrich, alligator, and snakeskin. David Luiz gifted one to each squad member.
In the above picture, we can see that David Luiz got his bracelet customized.

Here’s Nemanja Matic showing his bracelet

Here’s Cesc Fabregas showing his bracelet

Here’s Marcos Alonso showing his bracelet

This isn’t a first time a footballer spent so much money on something like this

Back in 2012, when Didier Drogba won the Champions League final for Chelsea Football Club, he gifted NBA style championship rings to each of the team members. Drogba paid around £800,000 for the set.

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