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Somalia Offers First Forensic Laboratory To Fight Sexual Abuse

Rape is a recurring phenomenon in many countries where security instability reigns. In Somalia, despite multiple denunciations, the country is far from discouraging followers because rarely punished. This is due to the corruption of the police officers, problems in the routing of samples taken, not to mention the delays in the arrival of equipment.

It is to strive to solve these concerns that the country has offered itself the first forensic laboratory. The ultimate idea is to succeed in combining efforts to fight effectively against rape.

The arrival of this jewels will therefore offer the authorities “scientific investigations, with biological evidence impossible to challenge. For now, those who have been raped are hiding because they have no evidence, “according to Abdifatah Abdikadir Ahmed, chief investigator of Garowe police, the capital of semi-autonomous eastern Puntland (North), where laboratory is implanted.


Some talk about the hope that this laboratory will pave the way for a new justice that will remain impartial and serve the many rape victims who remain in their corners for fear of failing to prove their accusations against their rapists.

If the center exists, it should wait because the first samples arrived only a few days ago. They are kept in vials that should normally contain thousands. Little by little, things will rise and meet expectations.

For the moment, for the work to remain effective, two devices are missing. They will have to be delivered during the month of April before the team of 4 people starts their work.


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