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Solar Barbecue!! It Can Store Energy For Cooking At Night Without Electricity!!

This creation could not only cook the food you eat during the day, but also store solar energy so you can cook your food at night too! How is this possible?

The new solar technology developed by MIT professor David Wilson could bring a barbecuesolar shortly on the market; as an invention of great benefit to developing countries that rely on wood to cook all their food.

It stores thermal energy for up to 25 hours at temperatures as high as 230 degrees.

It could technically also be used to heat your home, water, and maybe even generate electricity. All you need is warmth! The sun, of course, is the power supply source, it captures and stores heat.


Use of the future?


  • The object is not yet in service
  • Photos are montages, the film is a 3D animation
  • It’s still a project under study, even the final design is not yet approved
  • They are looking for designers and financial (obviously)

Source: Healthy and Natural


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