Social Media Reflections on Africa Day

Africa Day has diverse meanings to Africans across the world. As Africans across the continent and world celebrate Africa Day, we asked our readers what the day means for them and to evaluate the progress which has been made to develop the continent. The responses have ranged from messages of optimism, pride at our African independence, cultures and identities.

The positive messages on African pride, unity and hope reflect the shared aspirations for prosperity and freedom. These messages resonate with the African Union’s (AU) Agenda 2063[established in January 2015].

Agenda 2063 is, “both a Vision and an Action Plan. It is a call for action to all segments of African society to work together to build a prosperous and united Africa based on shared values and a common destiny.”

Social media messages which speak to the hope and optimism.

Reflecting on the challenges

As they reflect on the challenges facing the continent in terms of economic and social development, respect for human rights, amongst others, social media users have been asking some really tough and critical questions, invoking Chinua Achebe’s perennial question, “where did the rain begin to beat us?”

Here’s our selection of  messages which speak to the disillusionment with the trajectory that the continent is taking.

Source:, Facebook and Twitter

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