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How to do Social Media Marketing the Right Way

If you want a quick lesson in social media marketing, just Trump Yourself.

The Facebook app provides some basic tools for adding your photo with an egregious quote and an image of The Donald plastered across your own face.

Once you’re done, you can share the image on Facebook or download it. One of the filters shows someone smiling with a quote that says “hater and loser” in bold letters. Another talks about how thin people never drink Diet Coke.

This is a 100% partisan comment, but the social media marketing on display here is brilliant in every way. There’s a few reasons for this, but you can’t argue with the basic facts about how it draws attention to the Clinton campaign. You can do something similar–even if you avoid any political satire–if you follow the recipe.

1. Timing is everything

For any social media campaign, timing is everything. You might have a new product or service, maybe some big company news, but you have to tie your campaign to something that is already generating clicks. Clinton started this social media effort with perfect timing, now that the GOP nominee has given his speech at the RNC and irritated the Democratic base. Trump Yourself is perfectly timed.

2. Distil your message down to the basics

If you are following the Trump campaign, you know there have been some rather interesting ups and downs. For Democrats, mostly downs. For some strange reason, these low points sometimes lead to even more exposure and media reporting for Trump. Yet, what Trump Yourself really accomplishes is pure genius. In social media, if you give people some nifty tools and something a bit sarcastic and fun, they suddenly pay close attention. Thousands of people will sift through Trump comments. Clinton doesn’t have to explain anything, the quotes are all there in full color.


3. Set a clear objective

The one crazy thing about Trump Yourself is that it is primarily a way for you to join the Clinton campaign on Facebook. You have to agree to getting a barrage of messages and posts. It’s likely you’ll get a direct message or a chat request. It’s incredibly important to create something in social media that is a lure–you have to tryputting a quote over your own photo. People won’t go to the Clinton page on their own anymore, so the app draws them in and gets their attention.

4. Tap into the emotion and make it personal

The app, which lets you click through a series of quotes, taps into some raw emotion. It’s a Millennial thing, and I can’t say I always understand it, but having a quote over your own profile photo that says “total lightweight” is self-mocking and sarcastic. It’s cheeky. When the profile image is a bunch of kids standing next to their mom or dad, you get a little emotional about it. You take it personally.

5. Make it easy

If you do any kind of social media at all, please stick to the “KISS” formula. Trump Yourself literally could not be easier to use. You click big yellow arrows, then share. You can use the app in all of about 14 seconds, which is about what most people have to offer. The easier you make the social media campaign (type in a phrase, click and option, share the results) the more you will notice people are using it. Make it even slightly difficult and it will fade quickly. You’ll hear social media crickets.


Written by How Africa

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