So Unusual: A Man Forced To Crawl To Board The Plane In Japan!! Here’s why… (Photo)

In Japan, a man was forced to crawl up the stairs leading him to his plane.

According to BFM News, which reports the facts, the staff of a low-priced Japanese airline

Security reasons, to force the wheelchair passenger to crawl up the stairs leading to his plane.

The unfortunate scene took place at the beginning of June on the island of Amami-Oshima, in southern Japan. The man named Hideto Kijima, aged 44, was returning from vacation when he was informed by an employee of Vanilla Air that he could not be worn because of the safety measures in place.


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The company apologized to the victim on Wednesday, June 21, when the incident occurred at the beginning of the same month.

“We are sorry to have subjected this test,” said a spokesman for Vanilla Air, contacted by AFP. Since then, the company has said it has set up an elevator for disabled people, an equipment generally used by airlines.

17 steps to get on the plane

According to the Asahi newspaper, the man had to lift himself up to the top of the 17 steps to board the plane bound for Osaka.

Hideto Kijima, who travels frequently, said he was “surprised” when the staff exposed him to the problem. “I wondered if the employees at the airport did not find it incorrect,” he told a Japanese TV station.

In April, US airline United Airlines was heavily criticized after the violent deportation by police from Chicago airport of the passenger of an overbooked flight, a filmed scene that had raised a wave of international outrage.


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