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So Touching: A Groom Saves A Little Boy From Drowning On His Wedding Day

Clayton Cook probably did not expect to play the role of a hero on his wedding day. It must be said that what happened on her wedding day with Brittany will remain forever engraved in their memory. As the two lovebirds gathered in a park in Kitchener, Ontario for a photo shoot, after their ceremony last weekend, Clayton noticed that a little boy had trouble swimming in the lake pond . The groom quickly jumped into the water to save the child who was drowning. As he took the little boy out of the water, the photographer immortalized that moment.


Yet very handsome in his navy blue tuxedo, the young groom did not ask a question before jumping into the water to get out the little boy and get himself out of the water. In an interview with CTV News, the hero explained: ”  His face was under water and he was fighting, I mean he was really fighting.(…) Fortunately, he was a little boy and I managed to get him out of the water easily. “   He added:”  These children followed us for quite a few minutes, and I watched as they were playing very close to the water. ” 


Photographer Darren Hatt on his Facebook page added:

When I took pictures of the bride alone, the little boy was pushed into the water by another child.By the time the bride realized something, Clayton had already jumped into the water and saved the child. (…) His quick action saved this child who was fighting to swim. Well played Sir!

A beautiful wedding souvenir that Clayton and Brittany will remember for a long time.


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