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So Touching!! A Father Plays With His Daughter In Her Future Grave. The reason will sure move you to tears!! (PHOTOS)

A devastated father with a bruised heart who can no longer pay the medical bills of his sick daughter, is now preparing for the worst, at his death, by bringing him to play in his future grave.

Zhang Xin Lei, only two years old, was diagnosed with a blood disorder when she was barely two months old.


According to the Daily Mirror, the family, who lives in China, spent more than £ 11,000 for medical treatment, but he is out of breath financially, and can no longer cope with medical expenses.

After realizing there was nothing more he could do, his father, Zhang Liyong, decided that his only option was to prepare her for death.



“It is there that she will rest in peace”

He declared to this effect:
I could only suggest the idea of ​​having her play at this place.
“There she will rest in peace.”
“All I can do is accompany her every day.

Liyong lies down in the grave, cajoling his little girl while her pregnant mother is nearby.
The family has borrowed money from friends, but the financial aid offers are now over.



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