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King Mswati III is One of Africa’s Leaders With Most Beautiful Wives, Meet the 15 He’s Married So Far [Photos]

King Mswati III recently unveiled his virgin bride after a week-long Umhlanga Reed Dance which began on 29th of August and ended on Monday 4th September.

Siphelele Mashwama (19), the daughter of a Swaziland Cabinet Minister emerged as the fairest of them all and caught the King’s eye to become his 15th bride.

King Mswati III dances during the annual Reed Dance (Courtesy)


King Mswati is well-known for hosting the annual traditional reed ceremony held in September or October where he gets to pick a new wife every year.

Thousands of unmarried and childless girls and women travel from the various chiefdoms to Ludzidzini to participate in the eight-day event, and would-be brides are publicly checked to ascertain their virginity.

Business Insider SSA looks at all the beautiful queens that the 49 year-old has married:

  • Inkhosikati (Queen) LaMatsebula: “The Great Wife”

Ritual wife

  • Inkhosikati LaMotsa: “La Madone”

Ritual wife

  • Inkhosikati LaMbikiza(The Gospel Singer)


  • Inkhosikati LaNgangaza(The Advocate)


  •  Inkhosikati LaHwala(The Wanted)
Inkhosikati LaHwala, second from the far right, front row, at the international trade fair in Manzini, Swaziland, Friday, Nov. 1, 2002 (AP)


  • Inkhosikati LaMagwaza(The Artist)


  • Inkhosikati LaMasango(The high school dropout)


  •  Inkhosikati LaGija(The runaway spouse)


  • Inkhosikati LaMagongo(The favourite)
Inkhosikati LaMagongo, far right. (Courtesy)


  • Inkhosikati LaMahlangu(The one that couldn’t get away)


  • Inkhosikati LaNtentesa(The fixer)


  • Inkhosikati LaDube(The double-dealer)


  • Inkhosikati LaNkambule(The young and restless)


  • Sindiswa Dlamini(The Liphovela)


  •  Siphelele Mashwama
Siphelele Mashwama (middle) at the 2017 reed dance after she was chosen by King Mswati. (Courtesy)



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