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‘Slavery was a Choice’ Comment: Patrice Quarteron Hits Kanye West Fiercely

After his clashes against Booba, the French Patrice quarteron violently attacked the American rapper, Kanye West. It all started with a statement made by Kanye West in an interview with TMZ. Kim Kardashian’s husband said that the 400 years of slavery resemble a “choice” made by Africans.

” We hear about slavery that lasted 400 years. For 400 years? It looks like a choice . Before adding: ” We are in a mental prison. I like the word ” prison ” because ” slaves ” is too much black ”.

On twitter, Kanye West had gone further by saying ” I know we did not chained the slaves and we did not put them in boats of their own free will. We can not be imprisoned mentally for the next 400 years . ”

Words that sparked a wave of anger among Internet users and in African-American circles.

By viewing slavery as a “choice” of Africans, Kanye West may not have imagined so much anger. Even if the rapper apologized, Patrice Quarteron still does not seem to have digested these words.

On his account Instagram, he attacked violently Kanye West by posting a photo of the article about these words appeared on the site of the World. Quarteron then sent a message to the rapper   “I hope child of p ***** that you will die of AIDS with your children”

Nicknamed ” the dark Rônin ” Patrice Quarteron was born on March 20, 1979 in Sevran. He is a French Muay Thai fighter who won the IKF World Heavyweight Championship in 2008.


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J'espère enfant de p***** que tu crèvera du sida avec tes enfants

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