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‘Slave is a Choice Comment’: Kanye West Says He’s Already Thought About Suicide

American rapper Kanye West has just returned to his compulsive tweets. In a tweet, he said that he has already happened to think of suicide.

A few months ago, Kim Kardashian’s husband was talked about in an interview filmed by the site TMZ, giving a questionable view on the condition of slaves.

In addition, he said he had liposuction after gaining weight due to excessive medication.

Now, Kanye West is running out of ink again. Indeed, the author of “Gold Digger” revealed that he has already thought about suicide.

“I saw the documentary about the creator Alexander McQueen and I recognized myself and felt connected to his journey. I know how it feels to want to take one’s life with one’s own hands . 

Kanye West was talking about the documentary about the journey of the famous English creator who took his life in 2010.

For their part, his fans put on the table his bipolarity, because he was recently diagnosed that he had mental problems.

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