Six Stories You Should Never Tell On A First Date

Ah, the great lost art of conversation. The good news however is that you can bring it back! There is a huge chance that you have told great stories that your friends and family have laughed at and you should learn to bring it to your date.

The trick is knowing which tales a first date will enjoy and the ones that will have her calling an Uber in less than ten minutes. The following stories fall firmly into the latter part.

Epic Practical Joke
You should stay off those jokes where you spent hours maneuvering people around just so that you could completely humiliate one of your best friends in front of everyone he knows and loves. Telling your date this story will only show you have plenty of time on your hands and how potentially immature you are.

It also says you are devoid of good manners and she won’t be waiting long to call it quits for the night.

The Fight Story That Sent A Guy To The Hospital
If you are a tough guy, you should spend time trying to hide it. For you to tell your date of how you split a strangers face open for bumping into you and spilling your drink is borderline, asinine. She surely doesn’t want to go on a second date with a volatile and violent braggart.

Stories About Your Exes
You may think at least one story involving an ex-girlfriend might fit the occasion. You’d be wrong. Any story that puts you front and center as the one that had to endure the emotional roller coaster that was your ex, to a story where you finally got her after having one over her boyfriend will get her not wanting another date faster than you think.


She doesn’t want to hear any story about your ex-fiancées and called-off weddings, too. And something about your ex that became famous, save it for much later.

During casual conversations, a number of things may trigger you to think of that person you have lost but it is best you don’t bog down an interesting convo with sad tales.

You want to put a smile on your companion’s face, not be a mood killer. So leave this story down memory lane for another time, when you have become much closer to her.

That Time You Got Wasted
Why would you want to tell her about the time you got wasted and had a hangover on the very first date? Few things are more jaw-dropping than this! Also nothing spells mood killer more than this and you will most likely regret saying a word about it at this stage.

Trash Talking
This one is a tough one. You maybe tempted to trash Talk when your conversation is lagging and you see someone walk into the bar or restaurant whom you have one heck of a story on, and you just know it’ll jumpstart things.

It could be that the person is a random fellow whom you heard from “a reliable source” did something simply outrageous.

It may be a gamble worth taking but have you considered if she knows him, or someone who knows him? Even if she doesn’t, chances are she will come away thinking you the gossip. And that will never look good for you.


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