Any Single Woman Who Cut Her Hair is Frustrated from Waiting to Get Married – Ghanaian Counsellor

Controversial marriage Counselor, George Lutterodt will not seize to amaze people with his contentious stance on issues relating to marriage.

He has claimed that any lady of marriage age who has cut her hair is an indication that the lady is suffering from a poverty mentality as she’s not able to go to a saloon to fix her hair.

Speaking on Kasapa FM’s Afisem programme on Saturday, Counselor Lutterodt argues that such as hair style by a lady of marriage age should not be mistaken to be fashion, as it rather represents the lady’s frustration of waiting to get married after several years of remaining a spinster.


“Why are you changing your image, a young lady who is just at the prime age of marriage there is somebody you should attract, all of a sudden you become a JHS girl then you blame the devil. You have you hair on and then suddenly you cut the off, look men are attracted by what they see and not your character. You cut your hair and you reduce to a level of a JHS girl and when young boys propose love to you, then you blame the devil for that. Ask yourself what image are you carrying.” Thoughts?

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