Single Black Mom of 3 With Sickle Cell Anemia Launches Line of Holistic Herbal Teas


Meet Regina Rudolph, a single mother with three children from Richmond, Virginia that is also the founder of Magnolia Wellness – a Black-owned brand of herbal tea products that promote holistic wellness.


Regina is a sickle cell anemia warrior who has found that natural medicine derived from herbs was the best way to treat and manage her incurable condition. Those who suffer from sickle cell anemia have a life expectancy of 40 years, but she has passed that benchmark and is approaching her 50s.


Regina says that although she now has three children, she once struggled to conceive and experienced a terrible miscarriage at 6 months. Two years after her loss, she connected with a holistic practitioner who introduced her to herbalism and carried a full-term pregnancy shortly after. Since then, she has been using her knowledge and experience in herbal medicine to help others.

Magnolia Wellness is a holistic business that provides herbal teas that aid in self-care and disease management. These teas offer numerous benefits to help with conditions like anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, and more. The company has something to offer for anybody, even those who do not suffer from health complications. The company’s herbal teas contain natural ingredients such as ginger, fennel, and lavender which each provide their own health benefits.


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