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Singer Eve Reveals How She Was Saved By Janet Jackson

During her recent stint on The Talk , Eve recounted a terrifying experience she had experienced while attending a prize-giving party a few years ago. The 39-year-old American explains that she did not know anyone who was angry with her for being forced to watch her drink during this time.

An hour after emptying the contents of her drink, Eve explains that she had begun to feel weird. She did not suspect that something had happened.

People: Eve reveals how she was saved by Janet Jackson

” I started feeling mad e t I do not get drunk and I immediately knew something was different and it was weird because I was there but I was not there,” says Eve others women who took part in The Talk  before continuing “Those with whom I was, I patted them on the shoulder and I said something was wrong and they said no, you’re just drunk and I started crying hysterically. 


Eve had fallen into a trap that some men of dubious morality tend to women to dope for the purpose of sexually abusing them. But luckily Janet Jackson, who also took part in the evening, realized that something was wrong. It is at this moment that she gets closer and decides to help Eve instead of leaving her in the hands of strangers who had other ideas than to really help her. Eve says she heard a beautiful, soft voice from a woman saying ” I’m okay, I’m taking care of it,” she continued. ”  I understand, do not worry. Calm down, it’s okay.  ”

Afterwards Eve was rushed to the hospital with the help of Janet Jackson who helped her get out of trouble.


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