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Silverstone Air Flight Crashes After Take-off from Nairobi

Reports indicate that a plane operated by Silverstone has crashed outside Wilson Airport shortly after take-off.

According to Kenya’s local newspaper the Standard, the plane had 50 passengers on board, two of which were injured during the crash.

Several passengers were rushed to various city hospitals after sustaining injuries in the incident that took place on Friday at 9.00 am local time in Nairobi.

All the other passengers were safely evacuated from the airplane. There were no fatalities reported.

According to official reports, the aircraft was heading to the coastal parts of Kenya, Mombasa approximately 488 kilometers and 303 miles from Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

Witnesses say the aircraft skidded off and crashed on the runway during take-off  Mombasa on Friday morning.


SilverstoneAir the company operating the plane released a statement confirming the incident. They said they are working with the authorities to assess the situation.


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