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Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship- #2 Is Ladies’ Best Medicine

When a relationship is abusive, I guess it is always glaring to the eyes, except the two parties are pretending and covering up. Relatonships are meant to be enjoyed and not endured.

However,We all should know that there will be ups and downs, and ebbs and flows, within any relationship—made even more complex by our own personal ups and downs. But being unhappy in any relationship, even if you love the person you’re with or have been together for a long time is a huge red flag.

Considering these 10 factors can help you decide if you are in good hands

  1. You and your partner are on the same page in terms of your basic values and life goals. You both know what you want out of life, what your common goals are, what you wish to accomplish in life, and are firmly committed to achieving these together.
  2. There is a strong sense of trust between you. You openly discuss everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly. There is no hidden agenda and no secrets from your past.
  3. You keep your own identity within the relationship and so does your partner. This is so vital. Marriage may be a large piece of the whole pie that identifies who you are. But above all, you’re still who you are as an individual beyond your various roles in life.
  4. You spend quality time together doing things that are mutually fulfilling as well as quality time apart doing what is important to you individually.
  5. You encourage each other to grow and change. In other words, you inspire each other to be a better person.
  6. You and your partner feel safe communicating personal needs and wants. Time is set aside to discuss issues relevant to you as a couple or each of you individually. Listening carefully with undivided attention is essential to real understanding.
  7. You respect each other’s differences even if you disagree on important issues. And you are able to turn your differences into fair compromise.
  8. You share realistic expectations for the relationship, not what you wish or fantasize it should be. Remember that you’re dealing with another extraordinarily complex individual in addition to yourself. There’s enough to work with without pursuing unrealistic ideals.
  9. Each of you contributes your fair share to the relationship, whatever that happens to be. Each partner brings their best strengths and abilities for the benefit of the “team.”
  10. You and your partner honor each other’s family ties and friendships. While it’s important to set aside time for family and friends it’s also important to maintain healthy boundaries between you and your partner as a unit apart from other close relationships.

Caring, kindness, support, encouragement, and empathy are the watchwords of a good and loving relationship. There is simply no room for rudeness, meanness, jealousy, insulting, degrading, blaming, guilting, criticizing, judging, or physically acting out, especially when the object is one’s partner. Those boundaries cannot be crossed.



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