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Sierra Leone: Two Exceptional Women Face Fourteen Men for the March 7 Presidential Elections

The woman, especially African, had once reluctant to engage formally in politics and especially to occupy positions of responsibility. But the election of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf as head of Liberia was undoubtedly a trigger in the mindset of the African woman, who realized that she is not only made for lower positions.

Thus women are regularly seen running for the highest office in their country. This is the case in Sierra Leone, where two brave women are on the list of candidates for the presidential election scheduled for 7 March.

These are Femi Claudius Cole and Ngobeh Gbandi Jemba. They will compete fiercely with the 14 men candidates this presidential election. In their project of society, each one of its side wants to incarnate another way of governing to leave the country of the increased and acute pauperization in which the populations of Sierra-Leone are bathed.

Femi Claudius Cole: The healer of the Sierra Leoneans

Born in 1962, Femi Claudius Cole is a Sierra Leonean politician. Before the creation in 2017 of the Unity Party (UP), she served her country as a nurse. Notably at the West End Clinic in Freetown, the capital.

After more than thirty years of service in the health sector, Femi Claudius Cole is today “shocked” by the disparities between rich and poor in his country in access to quality care. Indignation exacerbated by high mortality and morbidity rates in Sierra Leone “in comparison with other African countries”.

It is therefore with the intention of correcting her black spots in Sierra Leone that Femi Claudius Cole would like to accede to the presidency of the Republic. And to convince voters and run the country well, she chose Fowai Ansumama Mambu Porga, a man as a running mate. Question “to ensure equality between men and women in State institutions”.

Jemba Gbandi Ngobeh: the “only” iron lady in the world

Jemba Gbandi Ngobeh will defend the colors of the United Revolutionary Party (RUFP) in the March 7 presidential election. For her, women can also better manage a country. And during the Jemba campaign Gbandi Ngobeh devoted all her energy to demonstrating it by relying on the role she would have played during the civil war. “I am the only iron lady in the world, I demonstrated it during the war. In addition to the work of preparing food for warriors in the bush, I have several other qualities of leadership that I have shown. Remember, I was the runner-up in the 2012 elections, but we did not do much. This time, we will try to correct these shortcomings “, said recently the sexagenarian on BBC.

One way to be confident, because she said to be surrounded by competent executives including his mate Tarawalley Mohamed SV Jr, a man.

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