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Sibling Rivalry- You Will Be Shocked At What Malik Obama, Former US President’s Brother Said About His Birth

Malik Hussein Obama is now on the receiving end from Kenyans after he revived the debate on the birth place of his famous step brother Barack Hussein Obama, after the latter left the office of the president of the US.

Malik, who is older – but clearly not brighter – than his president brother opened a can of worms when he went online and posted a picture of a birth certificate alleging that the former president was not born in Hawaii as has been stated, but rather at the strangely named Coast Province General Hospital.

 Known as the “birther” debate, the matter would not go away for the entire two terms Barack was president. Last weekend, out of the blue, Malik went online and posted an image of what he claimed was the Kenyan birth certificate of his step-brother – rushing into a full cyber-storm.


A keen-eyed Douglas Ayega noticed the presence of footprints on the forged document, reacting: “Footprint on birth certificates is only done in USA. That’s forgery.” Lawyer Donald Rabala said Malik was taking the joke too far.


Barack Hussein Obama sr, father to the two brothers, was a Kenyan while their mother was American and all evidence, including an official birth certificate president Obama issued, indicates he was born in Hawaii.

Alongside the forged document, Malik wrote: “Surely. What’s this?”

The forged document claims that president Obama was born in Kenya at the “Coast Province General Hospital”.

At the time, Kenya was still under British rule and there were no provinces. Instead, there were regions.

Malik’s uncle Said Obama was quoted saying the family was not happy about the latest controversy and suggested his nephew was just seeking attention. “I don’t want to be seen to be fighting with him but surely what he is doing is not good,” he said. “What do you get from fighting someone who is not fighting back and has even left office?

Kogelo community spokesman Nicholas Rajula also weighed in, calling Malik “an embarrassment to himself, the family and the country in general”.

“His behaviour is not strange to us, the villagers. He is suffering from big brother syndrome and thinks that the fame the former president enjoys should be his,” said Rajula. In addition, Rajula questioned Malik’s motives. In the run-up to the election, Malik openly supported Trump against Democrat Hillary Clinton who was backed by President Obama.

Malik travelled to the US and granted interviews where he accused his half-brother of abandoning him and the rest of the family. He was invited by the US President, Donald Trump, he expressed his displeasure with his step-brother.  Malik told Fox News that his relationship with his step-brother used to be good “but since he was president, he has changed. I can’t reach him”.

When his brother was in Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in 2015, Malik was initially nowhere to be seen when the president’s step-grandmother Sarah, his sister Auma Obama and other family members travelled to Nairobi to meet their famous relative.

However, he later appeared in public with him. Purely rivalry this is…


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