When Do You Shower? In The Morning Or At Night: The Difference Will Surprise You! – Study Shows!

Usually, people shower when they have the time to. For example, people who cannot wake up earlier in the morning, shower the previous night. Others shower in the morning after an intense workout, whereas others don’t pay too much attention to the period for showering- they shower whenever they feel the need to.

If you are such a person, someone who doesn’t pay too much attention to the showering period, after reading this article, you may change your mind. According to Yahoo, the decision depends on your hair, skin, body, and way of life. Take a look at these 3 aspects that will reveal whether it’s better to shower in the morning or at night.


Dry or oily skin

If you have oily skin, you probably clean your face in the morning, regardless of whether you’ll shower or not. Nonetheless, not everyone wants to wash their face twice per day. If you have dry skin, going under the shower in the early morning might seriously decrease the moist and hydration that are crucial for your skin’s wellbeing. Therefore, avoid early morning showers and just clean your face.

Problems with falling asleep or waking up

For some people, a warm shower at the end of the day is the perfect getaway. This is when people unwind from the stress they experienced during the day. However, showering wakes up the body and increases the body temperature which isn’t something you want if you’re preparing to sleep. If you have sleeping problems, showering at night won’t help you solve your insomnia.

Feeling dirty throughout the day

If at the end of a tiring day you can home feeling exhausted and dirty, then nighttime showers are the best option for you.


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