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Teens Cover A Disabled Drowning Man While Laughing Till He Died- Video Went Viral

Jamel Dunn, 32, is said to have been disabled. It is unclear whether he was at any point with the party that captured his death on video, or if they arrived to find him already in the water. As the footage rolled on, laughter is heard in addition to shock, with a couple of different reactions to the incident seeming to project from behind the camera. One teen insists he isn’t interested in saving Dunn while rationalizing that he should have never gotten in the pond in the first place. Another teen seems more conflicted and gives off the sense that he is concerned when he asks whether they are just going to sit there and watch as the tragedy unfolds.


A recording taken by one of several teenagers who sat and got high as a man drowned before their very eyes in Florida went viral on Thursday, July 21, and has many questioning whether they should face consequences for not taking action to save him.

Brevard County authorities were able to recover the footage days after the drowning when one of Dunn’s friends who came upon it online.  Police have since located the teens believed to have captured the video and taken them in for questioning. They are unlikely to face charges in connection with his death, as the state has no law on the book which would require anyone to report such imminent danger.


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