Shocking! African Man Loses Life While Trying To Take Selfie With An Elephant

Moses Ndlovu from Zimbabwe lost his life while trying to take a with a male elephant. Although his two friends escaped unharmed.

According to police, Moses’ corpse was found with several injuries after Saturday’s incident. The incident happened in Plumtree, a town located in the Bulilimamangwe district in southwestern Zimbabwe.


The state-owned Chronicle newspaper reports that the deceased in the company of two other friends, Mutheseli Sibanda and Magezi Nyathi, saw three elephants in a bushy area and tried to drive them to a clearly in order to take photos with them.

The elephants – a bull along with two males – reportedly charged at the three. The two others managed to safely escape whiles Moses who the male elephant caught up with died after he was trampled upon.


Written by How Africa

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