Shocker! Plumber Who Won £14million Lottery Jackpot Goes Back To Fixing Toilets Two Days Later

John and Alison Doherty won the £14.6m top prize in a lottery draw in Scotland on July 2. Alison had let a customer go ahead of her in the queue at their local convenience store and then decided to follow suit when the other customer bought a lucky dip ticket. After she realized she was the winner, she called her husband home immediately.

However, instead of heading straight to claim their winnings, they hid their winning slip under a lantern + a photocopy at home because they had a holiday booked for themselves and their two kids in Florida. It was when they returned two weeks after that they got the ticket validated.

Although the couple are now over £14m richer, John Doherty has returned back to work for his JDPS plumbing and heating engineer firm which he set up in 1984. According to him, he doesn’t want to let down his loyal customers and would be bored sitting at home.

Stepping out in his black overalls and jumping into his black Mercedes van to service a boiler he’d fitted, he said,


“I really enjoy my work – I’ve been doing it a long time. I want to stay grounded. I’ve got a lot of loyal customers and I don’t want to let them down. My customers are older people and they’ve treated me just the same after the win which is what I want. I’m doing stuff that was arranged before all this happened. I can’t imagine sitting in the family home all day. You’d be bored not working. So I’m just carrying on. I’m just back off two holidays so I definitely don’t think I should be sitting on a beach. I will treat myself – but once it’s all settled down a bit”


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