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Shocker: Meet Zimbabwean Woman Who Confessed To Eating 10 Human Bodies!!

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A Zimbabwean lady, 37, who has asserted to be a witch, has said she has purportedly eaten ten human bodies with her syndicate.

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In a recent meeting with local media, Kwayedza from Harare said that the soul got to be distinctly solid in 2012 and as far back as then she has moved toward numerous biblical prophets who have neglected to exorcize the soul.

‘The spirit became very strong in 2012 and so far we have eaten 10 people while the other ten are sick pending death. I have approached many apostolic prophets (Madzibaba) to cast the evil spirit but to no avail,’ she is quoted saying.

However, the woman is said to be married and has five children but the husband is not aware of her alleged witchcraft practices.

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