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She Gave Birth To 11 Sons And Kept The Gender Of The 12th Baby A Secret. Guess what it was!

When this couple married, they hoped to have a large family with many kids, but they never expected this to happen. How the life turned out and what an amazing story they have to share is thrilling!

She gave birth to 11 sons and kept the gender of the 12th baby a secret. Guess what it was!

The woman got pregnant for the first time 21 years ago and the doctors said it was a boy. Then she got pregnant again and again… for 12 times in a row! And every time she gave a birth, it was a boy!

The scientists say that the chances of having 12 boys one after another in one family equals to 0.2 percents! The first boy (the oldest one is 21). Now they have their new baby and it’s just few days old.


Throughout the pregnancy the couple did not want to learn the gender of the baby. They decided to leave it as a surprise. Surely, the mother hoped for the girl, but… well it was the 12th boy in their gang!

She gave birth to 11 sons and kept the gender of the 12th baby a secret. Guess what it was!

Their family does look like a sports team! However, the father says that he would not want a little girl to face the challenge of growing up with 11 brothers! So, it might be the mercy of God for them to have sons only. And they are determined to keep going and adding more blessing to their large family!

What a lovely story of love and devotion. God bless the family!


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