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“Sharing the Land Will Grow Our Economy” – South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa [Video]

President Cyril Ramaphosa has certainly been busy in the last 24 hours: Fresh from meeting The Queen – and striking deals with Theresa May – he went on to open up about the land debate on Wednesday.

The thorniest issue in South African politics is proving to be Cyril’s Achilles heel. Despite a rather promising start to his Presidency, the ANC’s resolution to pursue land expropriation without compensation is threatening to derail his momentum.

Well-documented farm attacks and the voices of Australian politicians have added fuel to the fire on this policy. More, now than ever, clarity is needed to understand which direction Ramaphosa will take the country in. We might just have our first indication.

Speaking to Bloomberg Africa, Ramaphosa sought to explain how land expropriation could be used to lead an economic boom in Mzansi. He reasoned that sharing land would take up more “dormant” plots, creating jobs on unused farms.

“It’s a process to which we grow our economy. The land is a powerful resource but it has been reserved for only a few. We want to unlock the levers of growth around the land, and go back to the demands of our people. Let us share this, because we will do everything within the parameters of our constitution.”

The President is in the UK for a Commonwealth Heads of Government summit. He says that he’s spoken to leaders and explained the historical reasons behind the ANC’s land policy.

Ramaphosa remains confident that he and his party can deliver on promises that were being made 25 years ago: Many feel that they haven’t yet been fulfilled.

Earlier on Wednesday, the UK government confirmed that they’d agreed an investment deal worth R850 million with SA. Britain will contribute £50 million to South Africa over the next four years, as both parties agreed to prioritise “social transformation” in this country.


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